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TOYOTA LEXUS SCION CUW 8.8.0 LEXUS EUROPE Reprogramming Calibration ID`s

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Official calibration firmware for EUROPEAN Lexus with description + firmware instructions + firmware Calibration Update Wizard v.8.8.0 for Toyota Lexus Scion – supports Intelligent Tester II, Techstream VIM, J2534 adapter. Tested with Intelligent Tester II.

Year of issue: 2010
Version: 8.8.0
Developer: Toyota Motor Corporation
Platform: WinXP
Vista Compatible: No
System requirements: IBM-compatible personal computer
Pentium III processor. 800 MHz or higher
Memory 256 MB (minimum) or 512 MB (recommended)
Interface language: English + Russian

Download Reprogramming Calibration ID`s LEXUS EUROPE + TOYOTA LEXUS SCION CUW 8.8.0

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