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ISTA 4.28.13 / BLP 4.28.12 / SDP 4.28.12 + PSdZData_Lite v24-28

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Year / Release Date: 2021
Version: 4.28.13
System requirements: Windows 10 x64 v1903 or newer … (Windows 7/8 not supported!)
Interface language: Multilingual (Russian is present)
Tabletka: cured
Description: ISTA-D is a dealer software designed to diagnose cars of all Exx and Fxx series. This software replaced the outdated diagnostic dealer software called DIS. In general, like the ISTA-P software, which replaced the SSS Progman software. Both programs work with the ICOM adapter – a full-featured autoscanner ICOM-A-B-C, which provides for connection to previously produced car models. There are versions of the ISTA-D software, equipped with built-in emulation of the ICOM autoscanner, thanks to which this software can be used together with the ENET interface to diagnose BMW Fxx series cars, as well as in conjunction with the DCAN autoscanner to work with Exx cars. It is not known for certain, but it is rather doubtful that the ICOM Emulator can exchange data using the old ADS connectors.

Instructions for changing the version of SQLiteDB:

YouTube: rZ8hKOnt4yw

(when changing older versions of SQLiteDB, there may be problems with some of the features that are new in the new version)

Added PSdZData_Lite of different versions:

Download ISTA 4.28.13 / BLP 4.28.12 / SDP 4.28.12 + PSdZData_Lite v24-28

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