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Mazda 3 2006 Facelift Training Manual

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These cars are equipped with Z6 gasoline engines (1.6 l.), LF-DE (2.0 l.), L3-VE (2.3 l.), L3-VDT (2.3 l. Turbo). The illustrations, technical information, data and descriptive text during this issue, to the simplest of our knowledge, were correct at the time of getting to print.

At the start of this service manuals, are the Mazda 3 instruction manual . Important reference information for any tidy car enthusiast on the implementation of normal self-maintenance procedures, catalog numbers of the car, an outline and testing procedures for Mazda 3 electrical equipment elements of varied configuration options (including the 2006 sample model), colored diagrams of electrical connections (wiring diagrams) Mazda 3, presented by the publishers of the book in separate chapters of the proposed repair instructions.

In addition, the manual examined possible malfunctions of the Mazda 3 car and studied the methods for eliminating the revealed damage, presented the mating dimensions and parameters of the most parts and components of the model, and presented the bounds of their allowable wear. Also, the motorist will find the required information in compliance with the principles of proper operation on lubricants and hydraulic fluids recommended by experienced professionals.

All descriptions, instructions and specific recommendations presented from the pages of the manual will help the user to quickly and competently eliminate the identified technical damages of any level of complexity both within the garage workshop and on the road, especially if the technical trouble with the car happened faraway from the civilization conditions, which suggests there’s no opportunity to seek out and use, albeit not always cheap, but, most significantly , with the qualified help of a competent repair technician.

This service manual for the Mazda 3 are going to be an excellent help for all those that are getting into the near future or have already managed to shop for the favored Mazda 3 car. if you’ve got problems with the equipment, attend the Mazda technical center or once more dial the amount , posing for help to a technical technician. And in fact , such literature will sometimes be very useful to mechanics from numerous maintenance stations and transport service workshops, employees from roadside service stations, also on many other repair professionals who have a full and comprehensive maintenance of such cars and who are going to be ready to if necessary, contact the book for a competent hint.


  • General Information
    • Technical Data
    • Vehicle Identification Number
    • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Engine
    • 1.3 MZR Engine
    • 2.0 MZR Engine
    • 1.6 MZ-CD Engine
  • Suspension
    • Front Suspension
    • Rear Suspension
  • Drivelline/Axle
    • Front Axle
    • Drive Shaft
  • Transmission/Transaxle
    • G66M-R Manual Transaxle
    • FN4A-EL Automatic Transaxle
  • Restraints
    • Airbag System
  • Body & Accessories
    • Body Panels
    • Glass/Windows/Mirrors
    • Security and Locks
    • Exterior Trim
    • Interior Tri
    • Lighting Systems
    • Entertainment
    • Instrumentation/Driver Info
    • Control System

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 94

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