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BMW ETK 2020-01

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Year / Date of Issue: 01/2020
Version: 3.2.20
Developer: BMW Automotive
Developer site: BMW Automotive

Interface language: Multilingual (Russian is present)
Tabletka: not required
Description: Catalog of spare parts from the manufacturer. The search is carried out both by the spare part number and by the car model or by the car VIN.


  1. Computer name must be in Latin alphabet.
  2. Application policy regarding “correct” ports has changed.
    It is better to leave the ones offered by the installer itself.
  3. Do not fill in the server addresses.
  4. The RR directory is set by entering the password oxford12. Password for ZINORO is shenyang15
  5. Select the market Eastern Europe.
  6. Company and business partner ID 1 and 1 (in both fields).

Download BMW ETK 2020-01

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