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Toyota ALTEZZA / Lexus IS200 (1998-2005) repair manual

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Guidance on repair and maintenance, and operation of the car Toyota Altezza / Lexus IS200 (1998-2005), with petrol engines 1G-FE (2.0 l VVT-i) and 3S-GE (2.0 l Dual VVT-i).
We offer You the guide contains important information on repair and adjustment of control system gasoline engine variable valve timing (VVT-i), instructions for using the system self-diagnostics automatic transmission and ABS.

The book provides recommendations for adjustment and repair of automatic transmissions, brake systems (including ABS, VSC and TRC), steering and suspension.
Describes the possible faults of the car, ways of their diagnostics and Troubleshooting, recommended consumables and fluids.
Also, this guide provides manual Toyota Altezza / Lexus IS200, instructions on maintenance and detailed wiring diagrams (diagrams of electrical equipment).

Download Toyota ALTEZZA / Lexus IS200 (1998-2005) repair manual

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