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Download the operation manual, maintenance and repair Honda Civic 4D

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We bring to your attention a manual for the repair and operation of a Honda Civic car produced since 2006, restyled in 2008 with a 1.8 liter gasoline engine.
The publication describes in detail the device of the car, gives recommendations for operation and repair.
A special section is devoted to faults on the way, how to diagnose and eliminate them.
All subsections, which describe the maintenance and repair of units and systems, contain lists of possible malfunctions and recommendations for their elimination, as well as instructions for disassembling, assembling, adjusting and repairing vehicle components and systems using a standard set of tools in a garage.
Operations for adjusting, disassembling, assembling and repairing a car are provided with pictograms that characterize the complexity of the work, the number of performers, the place of work and the time required to complete it.
Instructions for disassembling, assembling, adjusting and repairing components and systems of a vehicle using ready-made spare parts and assemblies are given step by step and illustrated in detail with color photographs and drawings. thanks to which even a novice car enthusiast will easily understand the repair operations.
Structurally, all repair work is divided into systems and units on which they are carried out (from the engine to the body).
Operations are provided with warnings and helpful tips as needed, based on the practice of experienced motorists.
The structure of the book is made in such a way that photographs or figures without a serial number are a graphic addition to the following paragraphs.
When describing works that include intermediate operations, the latter are indicated as links to a subsection and a page where they are described in detail.
The appendices contain information necessary for operation, maintenance and repair of the tightening torques of threaded connections, fuels and lubricants and operating fluids, used lamps and spark plugs, as well as control dimensions of the body.
At the end of the book, color wiring diagrams are given. The book is intended for motorists and service station specialists.

Download the operation manual, maintenance and repair Honda Civic 4D

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