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Program A New Key For Lexus ES330 With Toyota TIS Techstream

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If you lost your Lexus ES300 key,it will cost you hundreds dollars to add new one.So in this article,I will share the guide on How to programe a new key for Lexus ES330 by yourself. You just spend less than $100,hope it is helpful!

What you need for programming a new key for Lexus ES300?

*A laptop installed with Toyota TIS Techstream

*MINI VCI Cable for Toyota TIS Techstram

*A blank Lexus key

Procedures of How to program new key for Lexus ES330:

Step 1: Connect MINI VCI Cable to Lexus ES300 and your laptop via OBD2 port and USB port.

Run the Toyota TIS Techstream Software on your laptop.

Click the “Connect to Vehicle” at the top left corner,then the software display vehicle information.

Division:Lexus   Model:ES330   Model Year:2005  Engine:3MZ-FE

program lexus es 300 key

Step 2:Click the “Next”,then software the as below.Click “Immobolizer”,the software will show as below.

program lexus key

Step 3:Click “Utility”,then click “Key Registration”

Toyota-TIS Program-A-New-Key-For-Lexus-ES330

The software display information:

“Welcome to the Immobiliser key registration wizard.

This function is used to register immobiliser keys”

key programmin

Step 4:Click “Next” to continue.Toyota TIS Techstream display that (Follow below oprations):

Perform the following operation:

Remove the key from the key Cylinder.

Insert the key back into the key Cylinder.

Turn IG on.

Note:In this step the key is original master key.

Toyota TIS

Step 5:Click “Next”.Remove the master key from the key cylinder within 20 seconds,then pess “Next”

Toyota-TIS Program-A-New-Key-For-Lexus-ES330

Step 6:Insert the key you want (new key) to program with in 10 seconds,then press next.


Toyota-TIS Program-A-New-Key-For-Lexus-ES330-7

Then wait the key registeration complete.The time remaining show on the software.

Add the wireless remote to your ECU by following the steps in this Youtube Video

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