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How to Restore BMW E-sys ECU Dead After Flashing with unknown 0000 Error

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For a beginner of BMW programming by E-sys software,sometime you may be find some control modules dead or killed without communication,it show unknown 0000 error.So here show you guide on how to restore it

How to Restore ECU Dead/Killed After Flashing with UNKN 0000 Error


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After ECU dead,it show UNKN 0000 on E-sys,and it can’t be communicated

Now we need to edit SVT again to restore it.

Open below window,and click “Calculate” to locate SVT target file,and then click “Edit” button to edit


Open sub-options to locate dead ECU file

Right click “UNKN 0000” and click “Delete”,then save the modification


Click “Calculate” button marked with 5,and save it.


Check the four boxes with IBA file,and for other only 3 boxes checked

Access to forced flashing/programming status.

Then click “Start” button to programming,after then ECU will restore communication.


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