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BMW PSdZData 4.27.11 Full

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The Psdzdata=ECU Data Files,is basically a pack that contains all the data needed for E-sys to be able to code a car, flash ecus and firmware update of the modules on the car.

Year / Release Date: 2020/12
Version: 4.27.11
System requirements: Windows XP or higher
Interface language: English + German
Tabletka: not required
Description: Database for the E-SYS program. Programs for coding, updating and programming of electronic units of BMW cars of the F0x / F1x / F2x / F3x / F4x / F5x / F6x // F8x / G1x / G3x / RRx / I01 / I12 series. Unpack using PeaZip, 7zip, WinRar or any other archiver.
Add. Information: Unpacking takes 1.5 + –
Unpacked weight: 175 GB.

Download BMW PSdZData 4.27.11 Full

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