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Subaru Boxer Engine Repair Manual

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Year of issue: 2001

Genre: Guide to repair, maintenance

Developer: Subaru

Interface language: English

Format: PDF with pictures

Number of pages: 84 pcs

Quality: Original work by developer

Description: Subaru’s original instruction manual on their new boxer motors.

Add. Information: The boxer engine is a piston internal combustion engine in which the angle between the rows of cylinders is 180 degrees.
In automotive and motor vehicles, an opposed engine is used to lower the center of gravity, instead of the traditional V-shaped one, as the opposed arrangement of the pistons allows them to mutually neutralize vibrations, so that the engine has a smoother performance.
The boxer engine is also a hallmark of Subaru vehicles, which has been installed in almost all Subaru models since 1963. Most of the engines from this company have an opposed layout, which provides very high strength and rigidity of the cylinder block, but at the same time makes the engine difficult to repair. Older EA series engines (EA71, EA82 (produced until about 1994)) are renowned for their reliability. The newer EJ series engines (EJ15, EJ18, EJ20, EJ25, EJ30), installed on various Subaru models from 1989 to the present, are less reliable, but, in principle, they are pretty good engines. They are distinguished by a moderate degree of forcing and the absence of variable valve timing, direct fuel injection systems, etc.

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