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Iveco Daily Euro 4 Repair manual

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Year of issue: March 2006 Author: IVECO S.p.A. Genre: Guide to repair and maintenance Publisher: “Iveco Technical Publications” Series: Iveco ISBN: —– Format: PDF Quality: Originally computer Number of pages: 1132 English language

Repair manuals are divided into sections, each of which is characterized by a number, the contents of these sections are indicated in the general content.
Each section is usually dedicated to the main units (e.g. engine, transmission, electrical systems, etc.).
Sections with mechanics include technical data, torque, tools, connection-disconnection points, overhaul, troubleshooting.
In the section on the electronic system there are descriptions of the electrical networks and electronic systems of the car, wiring diagrams, components of electrical characteristics, component codes and troubleshooting related to the central specifics of the electrical system.
The manual uses appropriate symbols in its description, the purpose of these symbols is to classify the information contained. In particular, there were defined a set of characters for the classification of warnings and a set for help operations.

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