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Automobile Electrical and Electronic Systems

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Year of issue: 2012
Author: Denton T.
Genre: Repair and maintenance
Publisher: New York: Routledge
ISBN: 978-0-08-096942-8
Format: PDF
Number of pages: 740
Quality: Originally computer (eBook)
Auto-book language: English

This textbook will help you learn all the skills you need to pass Level 3 Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Systems courses or related modules from City and Guilds, IMI Awards and BTEC. It is also ideal for ASE, AUR and higher level qualifications.
As electrical and electronic systems become increasingly more complex and fundamental to the workings of modern vehicles, understanding these systems is essential for automotive technicians. For students new to the subject, this book will help to develop this knowledge, but will also assist experienced mechanics in keeping up with recent technological advances. This new edition includes information on developments in hybrid car technology, GPS, multiplexing, and electronic stability/vehicle dynamics control. In full colour and covering the latest course specifications, this is the guide that no student enrolled on an automotive maintenance and repair course should be without.
Designed to make learning easier, this book contains:
Photographs, flow charts, quick reference tables, overview descriptions and step-by-step instructions.
Case studies to help you put the principles covered into real-life context.
Useful margin features throughout, including definitions, key facts and ‘safety first’ considerations.

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